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Originally Posted by FruitCake View Post
picking up my 2010 this week and went to the dealer to last night to try out the iPod but failed.

I have a few question if Technik or some other knowledgeable would be kind enough to answer.

I have the iPod & USB adaptor option, it means I get the 6FL (y-cable) to play the iPod correct?
But this also means the audio is seriously degraded compared to putting a CD right???
I read in another thread you can use the iPod cable it came with apple (white one that u hook up to PC) and you can play that to bypass the decompression of the quality, but you lose playlist feature???
I tried that yesterday but it seems not to work.

Last question, most of the music I listen to is chinese so many of the artist/song titles are in chinese. What would happen then?
Title would not show up on the screen. Tried it with Japanese titles and it just shows nothing or ?????. The audio quality of music coming from the iPod is dependent on the file itself. If the file is sampled at a low bitrate, you pretty much get crap out of you iPod. If its high quality (at least 192kbps but preferably higher), the sound should be decent. As far as just changing the cable making an improvement, I highly doubt changing the cable would do anything and if you tried to use the apple cable you'd get no sound. I noticed a difference in quality when I ditched the iPod all together and moved my MP3s to a USB flash drive. That bypasses the D/A conversion in the iPod which could help in improving the sound a little.
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