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Originally Posted by BMW003E View Post
Thanks! I'm pretty happy with the color choice (AW, Ext. Silver Novillo with Carbon Leather trim). Richard told me that a number of folks wanted to get in it and I got a few compliments on the car.

The kids absolutely love it. They had a good time and were really well behaved.

Total trip time was about 10 hrs. 3.5 to Bellevue (30 for breakfast), 3 hrs at the dealership (I took my time, looked around, got some pix of the boys in cars), and 3.5 back. I didn't really want to rush since it's a new car.
10 hours!? Yowza! I can't imagine being couped-up in a car with my two kids for that long (granted, they are 4 years and 9 months old, respectively). I just got off the phone with Richard and he said that your particular delivery will be one he remembers because you were all so elated and excited; as was he at the sale given the economy
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