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Originally Posted by tom @ eas View Post
To be perfectly honest - alarms are a complete waste of money since most people simply ignore an alarm siren - dismissing it as an annoyance. If an experienced thief wants into your car - he will get in.

Most people in the past purchase alarms for (2) features - confirmation chirps when the door is locked and and the blinking mirror LED as a deterrent.

Let's give a possible scenario of 5 M3s parked out front of a nightclub side by side, only 1 out of those 5 have the blinking mirror LED. Most times, the thief will go for the easier target (excluding valuables in plain view inside the vehicle).

You rarely hear of BMWs being stolen, they have a very efficient disable system that works with EWS equipped from factory.

Alarms are simply noisemakers in today's society and will only sound off after the damage has already been done. A suitable deterrent is what's needed and exactly what remoteKEY will provide.

I appreciate the response. You make a good point, however there are cases where an alarm can be somewhat valuable.

1) Your car gets hit/bumped in the street in front of your house. You'd at least know about it and have a chance to go outside and see who caused the damage. Most people are not honest enough to leave behind their contact info.

2) A smash and grab of sunglasses, loose change, etc. that may inadvertently be left in the open. Again, if the car was within earshot (home, work...) you could save your valuables from disappearing.

A couple months back a coworker of mine had his Ford truck door lock broken by some punk who wanted his camera that was not properly tucked under the front seat. We heard his alarm go off and ran outside and watched some kid running off. The camera was saved. Unfortunately the scum got away.

The most likely way your Bimmer will be stolen is by flatbed. Someone smart enough to come with a flatbed is also probably smart enough to rip out the rear wheel liner and cut the siren wires. They know what they are stealing if they've got a flatbed.

I'm looking for the smash and grab or hit and run protection that the OEM alarm offers. it may be arguably small, but its definitely better than not having it.

About Remotekey, I like what you've done and I guess you definitely address the needs of a good number of BMW owners.