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Originally Posted by domobrown View Post
I thought that the rear was more of a widened A4, but nothing too wild. Actually, this is more of a facelift to me. As for the interior, I really like the ambient lighting. But I have to say, after sitting in a 750LI, I was blown by the interior design and quality. I'd say they are about even. Also, they need to give the V8 a boost, or actually boost it. Their flagship should have a more powerful engine. That 4.2 needs a rest after being used 11+ years
Well I've driven a 750i (and sat in a 750li), and think it has a solid interior with great materials and build quality, however I think the design isn't fitting for a luxury sedan. I feel like they took the traditional BMW layout too far, making it simply feeling like a tarted up 5 series cabin. This A8's layout seems more fitting for a large cruiser. The touch pad is extremely interesting too, even if it might turn out to be a gimmick.

I think the headlights are another point of interest, and not because of their design. It seems that this is Audi's second all-LED offering; a sign that all-LED headlamps are slowly making their way into more mainstream offerings (note how the traditional xenon lamps are still available, and without the awkward cubic secondary row of LEDs).

The rear is underwhelming. The concept sketches looked perfect though. Check out the plaid seat patterns while you guys browse through the gallery.

One thing you have to note is this: this A8 is at least offering some features that pique our interest. The F01 impressed me with one new feature: the side view cam.
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