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Personally I would recomend you stay out of the car payment game until you've finished school and paid off your student loans (if any).

Yeah, you can do it, but you're gonna be looking at a $400-450/mo payment if you're like most people who finance for 60 or 72 months with nothing down. Then of course the insurance will be killer on a car like that for someone your age.

Drive a beater with liability only and you'll be a goddamn tycoon by comparison. I didnt do this either, but now I wish I would have. God I'd have so much more money than I do now, and money is the only thing that matters when you're a big boy...seriously, I'd have like $100,000 more liquid cash money sitting in the bank if I'd gotten rid of all the car payments and insurance I shouldnt have been paying when I was between 18 and 28 (now). Your car just becomes incidental bs when you really figure out what's up.