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ATT-TEC tuned BMW M3 Thunderstorm boasting 500HP Supercharged V8

As featured on M3post homepage.

ATT-TEC, a tuner based in Germany, announces their E93 M3 "Thunderstorm" which features their new performance package for all current generation M3s. At the heart of their performance package is a supercharger and exhaust system which bumps the standard M3's power up an additional 80hp, to a total of 500 horsepowers. The engine/exhaust kit is estimated to be approximately USD $17,600 / 11,749 (installation included).

Additional add-ons possible include KW V3 coilover suspension system and 20" wheels with Michelin PS2 tires (245/30 F / 285/25 R). The pricing for these are USD $3,050 (2,029) and USD $5,200 (3,475), respectiveluy

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