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Originally Posted by graider View Post
so anyone who pick an SUV over the S4 is a bmw fanboy.
or just because one doesn't like your S4, then they are a fanboy. wow.

did I ever said I picked the x6 over the s4 from a performance perspective? LOL

let's just forget about which one is sport or not or which has better performance. I think the x6 is more exciting to look at than the s4 and for the money, I feel is is more car than the s4, so i will pick it. I'm sure many people buy a car based on look as it is the most important part of the purchase decision (otherwise, we would all be driving some rav4 or crv right now). now you probably hate the x6, but I like it. does that make me a fanboy? how?

like I said it before and I'm gonna say it again. the op mentioned he wanted a car that does good in snow. so I suggested him the x6. awd, turbo, higher ground clearance, more storage. the x6 is no slouch. go test drive one and you may end up with one cause it handle very well for an SUV. plus it looks handsome/unique. unlike the generic S4.

but if he really want a saloon, then m3 over the s4 any days. they are not on the same performance level IMO.

you must be kidding. check all my post and you can see i even suggest infiniti ex35, fx35, etc to other members. I'm really dig infiniti design. I honestly would take the fx35/fx50 over the s4 any days.

fx and x6 are best looking SUV in my book. merc g55 amg are sick, and cayenne is not too bad especially the turbo is aggresive looking. I'm not attracted to any other SUV.

oh and I think the ford edge is not bad looking for the price.

do you really think if someone doens't like audi like how you wanted them to think of audi, then they are not car enthusiast? somehow your argument doesn't make too much sense.

Damn dude, your posts are torture to read. Take your time typing and you might get some more respect.

You're spewing and trying to force your opinion onto others, save your time.. and go take out that puke colored car for a spin

You're sitting there trying to compare sedans to trucks, and cars that aren't even close to being in the same price bracket