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Originally Posted by Thrumcap View Post
In stock form definitely not comparable to M3. MTM already has a chip tune that increases hp to 430 and torque to 380. Pretty serious increase with just a tune- no pulley, no exhaust, etc.

MTM chip may not be all it's cracked up to be in terms of gains over stock. There's a long thread on audizine b8 s4 forum that shows APR's dyno at over 300 to the wheels stock. There is another members dyno as well that shows over 300 to the wheels...again, bone stock. Audi seems to be underrating the S4 by quite a bit. Interesting read and sounds promising for the S4.

On another note, I love the M3...but I wonder how many people here are blindly saying "M3 power" without having test driven an S4?