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Originally Posted by BMW003E View Post
She's now safe and sound in the garage. It was a great drive, since I took my time and learned all the cool things about the car. It's AWESOME!!! I'll be posting pix soon.

I'm now sure there are some folks out there bragging about how they drove faster than an M3. But, I was more interested in getting home safe than acting like an a$$.

Hopefully, I can keep the door dings and scratched to a minimum for a while (this town sucks for new car owners).

My SA was Richard Hard. Nice guy, easy to work with.
I am happy to hear that you made it home in one piece - and so did the car.

Richard is a really good guy; I have known him for many years. He's knowledgeable, friendly and really knows how to squeeze the most out of the cars that he sells. In point of fact, he took me out in the demo M3 they had when the E9X was first released - and scared the living hell out of me. The car was already broken-in so, that means 8300 redline. He wrung that car out; it was awesome.

I can't wait to see the pics!
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