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Originally Posted by BMW003E View Post
Damn! That's a nice ring. It's no wonder how you got your username. My girl's ring is just a simple rock compared to that (.5 ct, ideal, round but flawless). But, she actually got mad at me for spending that kind of money on a ring. She said she'd be happy with candy ring, as long as it was from me. But, I told her that I had to get her a nice ring anyways.

Yep, I'm down in the Tri-Cities and I'll be heading up tomorrow. I'll post pictures when I get back.
She's worth every dime I spent on it, and more. Be safe on your way to the left-hand side of the state, and on the drive back!* Congrats and be sure to post pics!

PS - who was your SA?

*the drive will be one helluva good way to get your break-in period mostly done!
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