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Originally Posted by Cookiemonster View Post
Skip the CR....Get a regular S2000. There are tons that are 2 to 3 years old very low milage.....why? Because alot are bought as summer play cars by older folks and after a few years the crisis is over. Great car...had an S2000 for 5 years as a DD. But it does wear on you after a few years a daily driver. A three year old s2000 with like 20k miles on the ODO is like brand new for a Honda.
Agreed, if you don't need rear seats the s2000 is the best car for the price. I had a 2002 AP1. If I didn't have a 2 1/2 year old I would get another one.

I've also owned a MKV R32, with flash, intake and exhaust. It was faster then my s2000 but no where near as fun to drive. The R32 was a blast to drive in crappy weather.

I've driven a co-workers Civic Si and just was not impressed with it at all. It felt sluggish couldn't feel the vtec like in my s2000, and the torque steer sucked.

Hands down get the s2000!
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