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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
Yep. Let me add something that could help you, but it'd be risky: If you remove the 'cap' (where the shift pattern is), there's a torx screw at the bottom, and you could theoretically lift the whole lighting assembly, but you'd still have to widen the holes for the wires to extract them without cutting them (terminals are wider than the wires). Problem is you risk damaging the 'cap', and it'd be visible, so I preferred to dremel the shit (to mimic your words ) out of the stock knob myself. Just peel off the rubbery 'skin' off the knob so you can clearly see the inside of it and make the job easier. Oh, and wear a face mask .

What happened? The main thing is to protect the leather on the edges. I had a minuscule booboo when my daughter barged in my garage and startled me, and went thru the masking tape barely removing the black part of the leather at one spot. A black sharpie made it invisible, even from an inch away. So yes, to can cover minor blemishes with a black sharpie folks.

I thought about the LeatherZ too, but 2 things bothered me. The first was the crappy lighting (IMO,of course) compared to stock. Oh, and they don't seem to be using the OEM top (with the shift pattern), which is MUCH better looking than the ZHP one. And the second one was the connector was wrong, and needs to be spliced. I wanted an OEM look (talking about the lighting), and also preferred OEM-looking wiring, even though a splice would not be visible from the outside. Glad I tried it myself, but I would not do it again for somebody else even if paid $200 .
It was just a HUGE amount of work that went into this entire process. My installer and I reviewed the step by step directions provided in this thread, but it just wasn't working out accordingly for us. The entire time, I was so nervous, and now I know why I was feeling that way.

The drilling, the cutting, the gluing all added up to headache afterwards. It was near impossible to cut through the stock shift knob since it seemed like it was made out of IRON. And it was the same way with drilling through the zhp knob. My installer even said that it was like cutting a golf ball open, and I even concured.