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Originally Posted by Robwe46m3 View Post
how do you extract the shift pattern and lighting assembly from the stock shifter so as not to damage them at all for the transplant?
That was the hardest part of the job. I must have spent an hour with the dremel getting that b*tch in one piece undamaged (including the wires). The only advice I have for you is PATIENCE .

Originally Posted by Robwe46m3 View Post
Aslo I dremeled away all the white plastic under the ZHP shift pattern until i got to bare metal. Was I not supposed to do that?
Not really. All you need to dremel away is the middle protrusion, and not all of it. I left about 2mm. I left more, but the lighting was localized, so went a bit deeper; lighting is just like stock. Having said that, all you did was take away a bit more weight off the knob (and spend more time with the dremel), but no harm at all. That's the way Metak did it as well.