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Originally Posted by dr325i
I disagree with 4 of the above:

1) He delayed it at first, not it is imminent it will happen after what he did in the world. Heck, if he had another term to do, France and Germany would organize another 9-11... Taliban regime is getting back into the power and is in much better position than it was a year ago, lets say. ANd the Taliban regime is the least of our problems!

2) That is what you hear, but do you really see any tax cuts??? I have never seen this much taxes taken away from me -- property increased, Income increased... Also, you hear about the great economy -- I don't see it at all, prices are surging up, and my salary is the same...I actually feel poorer than a year ago.

3) Police State -- people should have the right to do what they think is the best in that case, not what a guy that should have been aborted in the first place tells them.

5) Again, the police state...if the church is against it, they should be allowed to marry at the county only. He is restricting people's freedoms every day...
1. You and I are on opposite sides of the spectrum on this. I truly cannot believe you can think this way.

2. Yes, I have seen a break from the tax cut. However, I do agree with you that salaries haven't grown much for folks, amount of taxes that get taken out are extremely high and we are getting to that time of year again that I hate the most, a visit to the tax man! But, I cannot say that this is a product of George W. Bush.

3. & 5. Freedom does not come without boundaries, and a police state this is not.