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Originally Posted by UltraMagneticAL View Post
actually, the twisties down in SoCal are better maintained...and there's less traffic....and there's more of them. i'll give you the tracks...are better, but you're not on the tracks every day, and a road trip is always possible for a weekend at the track.

oh and oakland has a higher crime rate than LA....just sayin.

also LA has less hippies. my m3 got keyed by some prius green activist in the Bay.
How'd a Prius driver key your car? They have rectangular Smart Keys.

LA has some nice twisties and the cops don't care as much there (even though they do enforce on Stunt Rd. and other places more often than I'd like). Regardless, I'd take the tracks over the twisties. You should really give the coastal twities a chance, though. We have some nice ones in the hills of the South Bay and Redwood City areas. Run recon and radar, though.

I hear you on Oakland. The bad parts of Oakland (i.e., everything but the hills) suck. It's a little piece of Compton in NorCal. Union City and Hayward aren't the greatest, either. However, the South Bay and the North Bay tend to be pretty nice. Further East (Pleasanton/Dublin/Livermore) isn't too shabby, either. In the end, though, I'd rather deal with angry hippies with a key than an <insert type of gangster here> and all of his buddies armed with baseball bats, knives, and unlicensed guns.
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