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Originally Posted by CA06
Dude, not to harp on the fact that you brought up that you graduated from law school, but if these are the types of arguments you are going to use to put someone on trial, you might want to look for a side job.
OK, I agree that not all 50 points he listed constitute reason for a trial. Now, if you give me 1/5th (10) examples of something good Bus did in last 6 years...actually, lets start with 5 good things, I may re-think my approach.

He's a freiken idiot and looser, that dragged this country to the bottom and great people that live in here... And now he admits he's short on military and expects that any normal person will sign up???

Shame, shame, I don't care if he's republican or a democrat, makes no difference to me. I would vote fo McCain no problem if needed. But to do this to (once great) USA and to the World, that is inexcusable. Those points that La Verdad made should make people in this country demand an answer!