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Originally Posted by ganeil
American abuses in Central America are highlighted repeatedly but absolutely no mention is made of the Marshall Plan. While he delights in his comparisons of the current administration's domestic response to 9/11 to the policies of Hitler or Stalin, he fails to note that he is doing so from a plush office on the Charles River rather than the camp at Treblinka or the Soviet Gulag.
It is totally irrelevant whether or not his office is 'plush' or not...the focus is on his critiques and writing. It is unfortunate that you disagree with his works; however, I understand that most veterans don't like negative critiques involving the armed services. History is the polemics of the victor. That is why is it useful to read books by writers like Chomsky, preciously because you actually learn what 'really' happened and not the 8th grade Eurocentric crap they feed most Americans in school. For all the arguing that we have been doing, I haven’t asked you if you believe in the war in Iraq? If so, why? I personally never once felt threatened by Saddam and Iraq. A simplified understanding of the war is that it was justified under false pretense. (i.e. Saddam is going to attack America) Or maybe it was the fact that Saddam supposedly had WMD…not sure where those went. There are many countries that have WMD, like chemical weapons that are not friends of America. I spoke earlier of North Korea blowing nukes up and declaring it. Surely that warrants intervention?? I also have spoken a lot about Oil and how it IMO is the driving force behind this war. Do you disagree? Putting the whole ‘bush should stand trail thing aside’ what are your opinions on these other topics? I watched his speech last night and thought it was horrible. The Iraq Study Group has advised not to send in more troops. I personally think it will only make matters worse.