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Originally Posted by UltraMagneticAL View Post
what's so good about norcal? just wondering? i moved up there now and i hate it. SoCal >>>>>> NorCal. we have disneyland, knotts, 6 flags, universal studios, beaches, snowboarding, the desert all within 1.5 hrs of each other in Socal...and lots more twisties...and EVERYONE does 80+ on the freeways...the peeps in norcal like to drive 55. traffic in SoCal is because of congestion. traffic in Norcal is cuz slow drivers make walls of cars....which is more frustrating. plus from SoCal we can do turn-around Vegas trips.

oh and's where i've been driving up north
Redwood Road is sweet man.

Now, I'm going to rant about SoCal from the perspective of someone who drives there and back 1-2 times a month:

NorCal roads aren't much to brag about right now due to heavy construction, but at least they are better than the POS broken streets down in SoCal. Getting anywhere in LA is an absolute nightmare. Traffic here is basically nonexistent compared to traffic there. I think I can average about 8mph per hour on the street and maybe 11mph on the freeway in LA. In NorCal, I can comfortably average 35mph on the street and at least 50mph on the freeways. When our traffic is congested, we are at least still moving. In LA, you might as well pitch a tent. And when traffic does get moving, you'd better hope that A) you have an extensive clear bra or B) your car is a POS and you don't care, because even if it doesn't rain water down there, it sure does rain rocks on the 405!

Also, SoCal is ridiculously fake and ghetto compared to NorCal. Sure, there's less fun stuff to do here, but then again there are fewer people out to kill, rape, or rob you here as well. LA's a nice place to visit but a horrible place to live. Once you are in a relationship where you are getting some regularly anyways, there's no point in living in a place like LA to deal with the fake broads, predatory/rapist guys, bad air, bad traffic, bad roads, and criminals. Sure, there are some gems in LA, but generally, I wouldn't want to live there let alone own a nice car there.

And don't get me started on the meter maids and valet parking scam artists...

I feel like the only good things that come out of LA are movies and the fact that their ports are responsible for bringing our BMW's into the country. What else is that place good for? Nothing... the real value creation is elsewhere! LA is just a consumption mecca where people make a living selling repossessed stuff to people who are just going to get it repossessed again.

Oh and did I forget to mention our TRACKS? Laguna Seca, Sears Point, and Thunderhill >>>>>>>>>> California Speedway, Buttonwillow, and Willow Springs.

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