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Originally Posted by dr325i
You're kidding, right??? You need the evidence to see that the life for an ordinary Iraqi person is much worse now than 5 years ago???
I was referring more to the claim that the war is about oil/money but according to opinion polls, most Iraqis have an optimistic outlook for themselves and their country. The violence in Iraq is largely confined to al Anbar province and Baghdad. The Kurds in the north and Marsh Arabs in the south are definitely better off today.

I assume you're OK with the reality that the other way around is a completely normal thing for the US Government???

LEADERS!!! I would love to see leaders prosecuted also...since we have pushed for the same all around the world. Otherwise, this world-police-politics will never stop.
Don't you think actual complicity is required before prosecution? Saddam was convicted of ordering the massacre. No one has claimed the President or SecDef ordered the prison guards to behave as they did.

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