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Good question...I asked a similar question on the forum about 6 months ago in regards to how wide I could go on rear OEM 19's (9.5 rear width)...and I was told a 285 was about as big as I should go...even that was a stretch (literally!).

So for a 9 inch wide wheel, I wouldn't think you would want to go much more than 265. Maybe a 275 would squeeze on there, but it could be pretty tight. Hopefully one of the Tire rack or EAS guys can answer this for you...they would know much better than I.

Also - even if the tire can fit onto the wheel, aren't there some clearance issues up front? Would a 275 fit?

Originally Posted by MrHarris View Post
Guys, quick question. What's the max tire size I can safely fit on a 9" wheel?

I'm thinking about doing 275/30/19 in the future... just want to see if it's possible.


Let's say you're running a really high performance tire like an AD08 or RE-11 and a regular performance tire like an Exclaim UHP.

Both are 245f/295r in size.

Would the AD08/RE-11 have less understeer than the UHP just because it's a more grippy tire? Or does understeer/oversteer only affected on sizing.