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Originally Posted by M3Bear View Post
Awesome blog and video. I been wanting to take my car to the track, but I don't even know where to begin. I am pretty scared to take the car out on the track because I have had no real racing experience. I am glad you put a blog up so I can learn a little bit more about what it takes to start racing an M3. I was wondering if you were in a racing school before ever taking the car out?
I was nervous the first time taking my 335i to the track. I think that is a good thing. If you are nervous, you are less likely to be overconfident.

I have done 5 track days using my bone stock 335i sedan (including run flats), 3 at Putnam Park (Indiana) and two at Autobahn Country Club (south of Chicago). I ended up getting track pads for the last couple of track days. The group I drove with focused on safety as #1 priority as I imagine they all do. Passing only allowed on long straights after you give the driver the signal. It is not a race (we repeated it 3+ times). I encourage you to try it. For your first time, you do not need to change out anything. Buy a nice helmet and track the car. If you enjoy it, upgrade to track pads for your next time out. Do not get race tires until you advance to the yellow group (green = fast, Race tires will get you in trouble if pushed to limit by an inexperienced driver. Changing out brake fluid is also important as you push your car harder as you get experienced. Water in brake fluid lowers the boiling point.