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Sure do but I run with it up. Would hate to slide off track at 90 degrees, catch the outer wheels and wind up on my head.

It's funny how little difference a car makes when a good driver is behind the wheel. I was running down Z06's, Vipers and 996 TT's (all much faster cars) in green and blue as I was starting out, but getting passed by Mini's in yellow as I got better. Sure a coupe is better than a vert stock on the track but a stock vert with PS2's will humiliate a tricked out coupe with the wrong driver every time. Point it everything is relevant, this is my first M, I love the car, it loves me and I have a blast at the track. Coupe or not I wish it had more power on the straights.

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do they allow you to track with the top down??? now that must be some awesome experience

nice car... (i'm a big vert' fan, BTW)