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Originally Posted by 2008bimmerM3 View Post
My friend's been recommending that I DO NOT buy the vredestein tires. He swears that when he had them 3 years ago 3 of the 4 tires bubbled on the outside, so he had to switch out to toyo's and he said the toyo's never bubbled.

I told him maybe you hit too many pot holes and the vredesteins but he claims he drove them the same way as the toyo's.

have the vredestein tires improved in the past 3 years?

any inputs?
Tell your friend to put the crack pipe down...

If this was an issue, there would be dozens of threads on the Corvette, Viper, Mustang, BMW, Porsche, MB, and Audi forums talking about it. But that simply isn't the case.

I've certainly haven't seen this myself on any of the Vredestein tires that I have purchased, nor have I seen it on any of my friends cars either.

I switched from Michelin PS2's in early 2007, and since then, I have purchased two additional sets of Vredestein Sessanta's for my other vehicles.

There have not been any quality control related issues with my tires to date.

I would never have bought these tires, (let alone RECOMMENED them to everyone I know) if they had any type of quality control issue in regards to their build construction.

I do not recommend sub-standard quality products. EVER.

I have recommended Vredestein tires to well over 200 BMW enthusiasts in the past three years, and this 'issue' has never come up once.

I don't know what the circumstances were in your friends case, but it's likely he did not tell you the whole truth in regards to what really happened. Maybe he was just blaming the tires for something stupid that he actually did himself. (just a guess)
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