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Hood Not Latching Correctly

Hey Guys,

Recently the hood on my '08 coupe has been failing to latch on the driver's side. Before this started a smooth shove from about 12" would result in a nice, "clack" with both sides secure.

The first time I noticed this, the gap between the front edge of the hood (on the driver's side) was greater than on the passenger side.
It took 3 attempts to get it to close properly.
It's at the point where I do not want to close it with any additional force.
Something is clearly out of adjustment / alignment.

I checked the latches for binding and found nothing wrong or obviously out of adjustment.
The loops on the hood (which secure into the lower latches) are loose by design i.e. they pivot slightly.
I tried adjusting the rubber bumper on the driver's side (which can be lowered or raised) with no improvement.

Out of curiousity I stopped by the local dealer and found an M3 on the showroom. The hood was not latched on the driver's side....
A salesman came over, looked at it, gave it a shove with his hand and walked off.

Short of taking the car into the dealer, which I'd prefer NOT to do, has anyone here had this problem?