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Originally Posted by boyce'06 330i
ganeil, Keep up the good fight, but you'll never convince them that anything our country does is right.
COUNTRY and Government are two VERY, VERY different things!
This Gov't so far has done little right -- polls show that, World respect shows that, and we will see in the future when a trillion plus $$$ wasted get accounted (pay-back).

Again, ganeil is an intelligent guy, and I enjoy talking to him, but one thing from an intel. guy -- you're telling me that all that WMD (nuke, Bio, Chem...) just disappeared??? I mean, the traces of that crap stay in the place of origin for decades, you cannot just move it or bury it. What is going on here???

boyce, if we really did (Bush 1, Clinton, W...) right, we would not be where we are now!

WHerever I traveled (and I traveled a lot) people told me that they love Americans, but when you mention Bush, the story is different. Unfortunately, more, and more people (including yourself) associate Bush with American people...