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Originally Posted by Panda///Monic View Post
ha ha lol thats "the" Myke

Did you really think your friend just stumbled upon another random Atlantis Metallic Modded car?
I'm new on this board as I've just gotten interested in the scene again (after I ordered a new car). I've read through a lot of the site the last couple of weeks, and I now remember seeing the car before (after I was pointed to the thread), but I've looked at and read about a lot of cars recently (information overload). The through the car window phone picture didn't click as something I'd seen before nor did I recognize the color. My friend who has an E39 M5 is an architect. We both frequently participate in the tours and drives organized through the local BMWCCA chapter. He's changed jobs recently, and I don't even know where he works. It just didn't occur to me that I'd seen the car or the color before.

I'm just a little embarassed, but very glad that I asked about the wheels. The story I got from my friend about the car being shipped to Chicago to get a bunch of work done (including the CF roof) was pretty wild. The thread and pictures explain it all. I've forwarded the link to my friend.