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Hello guys,

Very fun day, It was great meeting some of you from the forums. I know most people will be interested in times, but I only have pics to offer.

Before I give you the pics, I thought Id tell a funny story. On the way home I drove the f430 and my father drove his M3. We drove like 70-75 the whole way home, behaved very well and everything was great. Well about .5 miles from getting home we get off the freeway. I guess the day of races was still in us cause stupid us we decided to mess around a little on the way to the house. We weren't doing anything horrible, just rolling at like 20 and punching it up to 60. Well we make the last turn before pulling into the gates of the community and we both punch it. At this point we both noticed a motorcycle coming up behind us, but no red & blue lights at this point. well we pull into the community and of course the lights are ablaze!

Sure enough it was a bike cop. I was in front of the M3 and the cop cut between us and came straight for me to get my license. Well thankfully my dad jumped out right away and started talking to the guy. Giving him the story which was really the 100% truth, that we were driving very safe for the past 2.5 hours and we never mess around like that on the street, blah blah blah.

Well we now have one less live (9 lives) when it comes to driving! We were let off with a verbal warning and all made it home safe and sound...

Alright, well now for the pictures.