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better in the DRY!

Just got my dunlops 235/40-18 installed and I'm amazed at the massive performance improvement (at least up to 7/10's agression)-increased torque due to smaller rear wheel,much less understeer due to more narrow rear tires, lower center of gravity due to attatchment point of suspension being 0.47 " closer to ground and with wheels at 18.5 lbs I am getting much quicker response to initial turn in and better steering feel and less steering effort , oh and the ride is more forgiving and more controled. I dont drive full out and I realize that ultimate cornering would be limited but I never get there (what % of us realy due?). Bottom line I wanted snow tires and I got a car that feels like a 911. But of course I have less ground clearance(like for snow), an inacurate speedo and an odometer that will end my warrany 4%ahead of time,higher revs at speed and of course lower gas mileage.
I'm kinda happy over all but wish I had been informed of the impact the lower rolling radius would have when I ordered the setup from Tire Rack so I could have made an informed decision.