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Originally Posted by Ramos View Post
What the heck are you talking about? It's not like he is leaving Ferrari to join the competition, they let go of him 3 years ago, they forced him out a year earlier than he wanted to retire just to secure Kimi.

Do you think that Michael Jordan coming out of retirement to play for the Wizzards was unethical? Ferrari did not want Schumi 3 years ago, he is free to race for anyone he wants. I don't think this has anything to do with money either, he is borth Billions of Euros already
The comparison to basketball is irrelevant and unsubstantiated because u cant even compare the bulls and wizards. A Lakers and Celtics comparo would still have been better but that still does not describe the relationship between Ferrari and Mclaren Mercedes. Wouldn't it piss u off a little, if Magic or Kareem came back out of retirement back in the day to join the Celtics? If Bird signed with the Lakers?

If Schumi wants to come back then Ferrari should be his primary/only consideration. A little late now though, however Raikkonen's seat was empty a while back (before Alonso was signed).

Anyways this topic is not even worth deliberating over b/c like I said before it is media bullshit at its best