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Originally Posted by VFX View Post

Anyone think this might actually happen? or just wishful thinking?

I think it is news reporting at its best. Firstly, Schumi's neck is all screwd up and I doubt it can withstand F1 G levels. Secondly, he has a good thing going with Ferrari and their road car division, I doubt he'll want to jeopardize that on a mere whim. Lastly, the article did state that the chances of Schumi coming back are slim to none, which usually means "no". So, I really dont think it will happen, and if all hell breaks loose and he does join Mercedes, I will be completely heartbroken. I think Schumacher knows Mercedes Mclaren V. Ferrari rivalry better than anyone, and joining forces with the enemy is just not ethical or right. Yes I Say Ethical b/c Ferrari did give him an obscene amount of driver championships