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Done Deal

Went to the dealer today and told them I will pay 1K over invoice, but will not pay for "prep" or for mats. My sales guy took me in to talk to the Sales Manager, a former salesman who I have known for years and who went to high school with my wife. He seemed to be not happy, said "I can't believe we are having this discussion" then said they would do the deal, got up and walked out like he was really angry. It seemed like the classic good cop (salesman) bad cop (sales manager) routine and I think his anger was staged. If it was such a bad deal for them they would not of said yes. They are making 1K on an ordered car that they do not need to carry in inventory or advertise plus whatever incentives they have. I am not taking food out of anyone's mouth with this deal and I think they are doing fine with it. I like this dealer, they have given good service and I always get a BMW loaner. Plus,they are the only dealer in town for BMW. Looking forward to the new M3, plan on delivery in April.....thanks for everyone's comments.