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Originally Posted by MN M3 View Post
I always love this. So I understand, the supposed invoice is $67,315, and the dealer is offering $69,145, a difference of $1,830, which is 3% over invoice. The OP makes it clear that the "difference" includes the cost of prep, floor mats, and "profit." My position on this is quite clear - if you are in the market for a $70k car, and you now want to argue over $1,830, you really aren't in the market for a $70k car.
Why, why, why do people feel like it's ok to criticize other people's personal financial decisions about what they are willing to spend I doubt you actually know what he can afford so why would you opine on what market he should be in? It may have nothing to do with what he can afford. It may be a matter of principle and it certainly isn't anyone else's business