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Originally Posted by EpicE90 View Post
My 328i is defnitley A good car but its 500 a month, and i put 3000 down. I found a buyer who has already been approved and i am in the process of handing the car over to them. I think for what i put down and the fact that this car isnt a 335 , makes it simply too much money for what it is, PLUS the buyer has already givin me 50% of my Downpayment money back which is nice. Thats the reason i decided to sell it. I was also thinking about financing a s2000 CR. But they are a bit difficult to find at the right price. Anyone have any opinions on the S2000 CR?
Skip the CR....Get a regular S2000. There are tons that are 2 to 3 years old very low milage.....why? Because alot are bought as summer play cars by older folks and after a few years the crisis is over. Great car...had an S2000 for 5 years as a DD. But it does wear on you after a few years a daily driver. A three year old s2000 with like 20k miles on the ODO is like brand new for a Honda.
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