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Originally Posted by EpicE90 View Post
Well guys, i went for a test drive again in the 2010 GTI. And as hard as i try and push myself to like it, i simply cant. Inside im a little boy and want that savage acceleration feel , which none of these 3 cars will give me unfortunately . I think the mustang is easily one of the best bang for your buck cars out there. But the real issue is there's no lease programs on the mustang and financing 30k on a term like 72 months. Still pushes me over $500 a month tax in. Times are tough and i want to be smart about my next car purchase. I really have to say though, all the automakers right now in U.S at least are really slacking. I never imagined it would be this hard to find a half decent car for under 400 a month.
You can lease a 2010 135i with Auto and M sports for under or at $400 a month with tax included (7%) for 36months 10k a year if you haggle to $500 over invoice and take advange of the $1500 lease cash. This is with just fees at signing no cap cost reduction...except for the $1500 which bmw pays. So probably like 2,000 due at signing but includes 1st month and security.
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