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I started a thread about those trade-offs, but asked mods to delete it and post my comments here instead. I was worried about cold performance of the PS2s, but I have no reason to be, as the 'ultra-high-performance' all-season tires perform MUCH better than the others in both dry and wet conditions even at 23, which my car might never see. And it makes sense, as softer compounds grip better, even in the cold. Obviously the trade-off is when dealing with 'snow, slush, and ice'. Now I know 'wet and dry' is inversely proportional to 'slush, snow, and ice' when talking about the different tire categories.

So no, I'm not going to sell my PS2s until they wear out, but being an owner who will never track his car, my next tire will be an 'ultra-high-performance' all-season for many reasons: quieter, longer lasting, almost as capable as a summer tire, and with a bit of all-season capability. They might be better riding as well, but the PS2s are not bad. Pilot sport A/Ss should have been the standard tire on this car IMO, with PS2s a no-cost option (or similar tires from other brands); not everybody lives in SoCal .