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Advice on this deal

Trying to order a 2010 coupe. Want a loaded car (DCT, Premium, Tech,enhanced premium sound,heated seats, Ipod/satellite radio,metallic paint, extended leather) which prices out to $67,315 wholesale ($72,925 retail) Dealer is offering to sell for $69,145 which he says is wholesale plus $200 for "prep" (what is that?) and $130 for floor mats (!) plus $1500 for profit.
I asked him point blank about trunk money and other incentives and he denied that any existed on this car, unless you finance through bmw. He said that they get some incentives if they meet Customer satisfaction standards at year's end but that is not something they can quantify or rely on to share with customers as discounts.

Any advice for me at this stage? I want the car, but not enough to get ripped off. I am thinking of countering by telling him that I won't pay extra for mats in a 70K car nor will I pay for "prep" whatever that is and I will allow $1000 profit for a grand total of $68,315, or 1K over the wholesale price. I thank you in advance for your guidance....