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Originally Posted by PrimeBMW View Post
I am in the process of looking for a 2009 or newer M3 coupe. I recently contacted BMW Northwest to inquire about a new 2009. They were up front and mentioned right off that it was a demo with just under 3000 miles. They claim it has been the owners personal car and not a car for test drives. My question is to the Seattle area folks: Can you confirm whether or not this car has been used as a test drive demo? 2009 Space Gray, loaded with DCT, Prem, Tech, Prem Sound, sun roof and 18's. I am fine with a used and properly broken in car but have heard too many horror stories to purchase a test drive demo.

Does anyone in the northwest have any information that would be helpful?
It was the owner's car, and it is way overpriced. I can't afford the new M3 but, I like to keep current with dealer stock levels and pricing so, I called on the specific car you mentioned. The (dickhead) salesman told me they wouldn't take any less that MSRP.

What a jackass. And quite frankly, I feel bad for the jackass they sucker in to buying that particular car. Just order a new one and be done with it.
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