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Originally Posted by DVDA View Post
Sorry BK, I realized I messed up posting in wrong section....

That being said although all my infractions are expired I want to know, how come there is no way to appeal an infraction?

I got 2 infractions (3 points each) for the same thread, 2 days apart. That was hardly fair considering I didnt know I did anything wrong then got cited for 2 different posts that were posted weeks prior.
I was just giving you a hard time about posting in the wrong forum. I moved the thread.

If you get an infraction unfairly, shoot a PM to the moderator who gave them to you and explain the problem. Or shoot a PM to Jason or MarkE90M3, the site administrators. We make mistakes. It's possible two different mods saw two different posts and each independently clicked on the "infraction" button without realizing the other did the same.

In my limited experience, every time we issue an infraction -- even when the post clearly deserves it -- we get a response from the poster, often angrily written and with an excuse for breaking the rules. A PM like that doesn't do anybody any good. But if you have a legitimate gripe, like in your case, send a level-headed PM reply and the mod or administrator can fix it and remove the double-infraction.

The fact that there are infraction points is not as Draconian as it may sound. They weed out the real trouble-makers and jerks on the boards. Also, they are helpful to occasionally let people know where the line is drawn -- i.e., a warning to let someone understand that a particular post crossed the line. When you get one like that, the point is to take note of it and move on. If you want to talk it out via PM with the mod who gave it to you or with an admin, that's perfectly fine. Nobody is looking to ban anyone, especially not people who are contributing to the community here. We just have to enforce and remind people of the rules from time to time so the place doesn't fall into disrepair.

Originally Posted by dark335i View Post
Speaking the truth.
The question was about whether there are certain reasons for points. Yes, there are specific reasons for points, and they mirror the rules that Mark has stickied at the top of the forums -- from lowest to highest: thread posted in the wrong forum (self-explanatory); commercial post from a sponsor outside of the sponsors forum (self-explanatory); taking a post completely OT (self-explanatory, obviously not enforced in the OT forum ); inappropriate language (very foul language); violation of forum rules (yeah, it's a catch-all, but I find myself using it most often for personal attacks).

I don't give out a lot of infractions. When I do, it's typically due to a personal attack or very offensive post. There's no reason for either of those things, and that should be the rule in any Internet forum. Otherwise, the forum loses its value as threads devolve into flame wars, people hold grudges or gang up on each other, and the site become useless for researching. A very basic rule for any forum: try to play well with others. Disagree and debate the message, but don't attack the person posting it.

As for bans, people don't get banned unless they have a pattern of breaking the rules. You need several serious violations within a brief period of time to result in a ban. Even then, it's more of a cooling off period, as it lasts for 30 days. Permanent bans are mainly for the spam-bots or those who continue to violate the rules even after being banned previously.

Originally Posted by E92PAT View Post
Hey man, what do you have to do to become a moderator? i'm on this like everyday and i like learning from the post
You are not alone. We're all addicted to E90post around here! I get jittery if I miss reading it one day. As far as I can tell, the site admins hand pick the moderators.
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