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Originally Posted by PencilGeek View Post
I'll be down in SoCal this weekend for a family function. I'd much rather be at this event, rather than my family function.
If anybody wants to borrow my Video VBox Saturday early afternoon in Simi Valley and return it to Simi Valley on Sunday morning, then I'll be happy to help out (for any regular members on the forum).

The Video VBox will collect two cameras simultaneously, speedo guage, g-force guage and superimpose the guages on one video image. I designed the speedometer to look exactly like the M3 speedo. I usually point one camera out the front of the car, and another camera at the driver. But for anybody going to Famoso, you might want to point the other camera out the side towards your competitor.

Send me a PM if interested. Maybe Niterider, tightie, sticky, or Drew would want to borrow the Video VBox and be in charge of hooking it up in other people's cars during the Famoso event. I know Sticky and Drew already own their own VBox's -- but the video VBox would be pretty cool for events like this.
Kool thanks, I might take u up on this offer. Ill send u a pm soon.