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Originally Posted by Kev View Post
Well, yeah. That's exactly what they did. Typed in the shipping info and gave me the "tracking number" and told me that it'll be updated in day or two. Of course, the latter part never happened.

Good luck blaming that on UPS yet again. Based on your words, if there was no update by the time I'm done with my overnight shift, I will be filing my dispute with Paypal.

We are trying to help you. I have no problem refunding you as stated. Revinora and UPS are relaying this information back to us. So there is no reason for you to file a claim as we will refund if your not satisfied. I am trying my best to find out whats going on. This thread you created was not justified.

I hope you understand. Again I can call you right now and we can talk like men and sort it out right (PM me your number) Let me know or we can continue to play the public game. Your call.. Whatever makes you happy.


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