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Originally Posted by jayely1 View Post
You said the older jags were more distinct..That was when ford owned them right?? Now they don't..
Ford owned Jaguar since 1989 but was running it as a largely independent subsidiary (kind of like what Fiat does with Ferrari) up until mid/late 90s. The 1st gen XK8, introduced in 1996, was the last "true" Jaguar. The S-type, which came out in 1999, was based on the Lincoln LS platform and had a V6 engine from the Taurus. The same year, Jaguar was made part of Ford's "Premier Automotive Group". Then came the infamous X-type, which was essentially an uglier version of the FWD Ford Mondeo at 1.5 times the cost.

When I'm talking distinct older jags, I'm referring to pre-1999 cars. And FYI, all of the cars that Jag sells today were designed in the Ford days.