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Originally Posted by Dubbedown View Post
i'll take a 2nd look at the facelift g35 but i'm pretty sure it's out of my range. really looking at cars around 22k with reasonable mileage. question though since you owned a g35, how was the maintenance costs? any reliability issues?
never had an issue the two years i've owned it. it was a 05 couple with 19" rims/sport suspension so had performance tires hence eating tires much more quickly. but other than that, it was perfectly reliable car.

not sure of A4 but Audi is never known to be reliable and resale on them aint that great either. maybe reliability has something to do with it? who knows,. but they are beautiful cars inside and out.

I think the 1st gen G35 was not as refined (both engine and suspension) which i would think Audi is better in that regard. but if u get 07+ g35, they are much more improved in every way.

oh and don't forget with G35 u are getting a much more powerful V6 engine than an A4