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Originally Posted by MrHarris View Post
How do they feel compared to PS2's?

Also, how would they compare against RE-11's or AD08's?

My review:

Steering feel is a little lighter than PS2.

Despite this the vagueness that you get with the PS on initial turn in before the steering weights up is absent. The steering is neutral through a full turn.

Front end grip is equal to the PS2 in road driving.

I would say that rear grip is actually better than the PS, again for road driving. For example in a 2nd gear hairpin the rears hook up earlier and with less traction control interference.

Watch out for the rubber beads / threads that come from the tire mould. These take a couple of hundred miles (maybe 250-300) to wear off on the fronts (maybe 100-150 on the rears) and until then the grip levels are way off. Same as on all tires of course but I thought it was more distinct on these and took longer to run in than any tire I've tried before.