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Originally Posted by Prowess Symphony View Post
Oh thanks. It seems like this would be something that would hurt aerodynamics, but I guess its more important to keep the front of the car from lifting up, lol.

So I guess the alms m3 which uses one is blazing fast then! Why did they need chains to hold it on?
The force of the oncoming air (at speed) puts a tremendous amount of downward pressure on that piece. The chains (or struts) will help hold the splitter UP in it correct position, or otherwise it would actually BUCKLE due to the air pressure that is being exerted on it at high speeds.

In others words...the chains (or struts) are there to reinforce this aerodynamic piece so it doesn't break off the car.

Some of these very large flat splitters don't use much reinforcement if they are made out of a thicker Carbon Fiber or Carbon Fiber/Kevlar materials. Of course using these materials will send your costs through the roof.

Racing is hella expensive to begin with, but the R&D and manufacturing costs involved in building the perfect FUNCTIONAL front splitter isn't cheap.

I have a good friend who works for the Rahal-Letterman ALMS team.

They spend a few million dollars per season racing in the ALMS series. (which has a very limited schedule compared to NASCAR for example)

And they they don't even bother going to LeMans, due to the staggering costs involved. (that one race would amount to about 25% of their yearly racing budget!)
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