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Daily Driver: G35x or A4 2.0t Quattro

Hi everyone,

Looking to buy a daily driver so that I can use my Z4 as a weekend/track car. I wanted a sedan with awd capabilities and narrowed it down to an 06 G35x or 06-07 A4 2.0t quattro. Which would you choose and why?

I'm very familiar with the Audi platform and their modding potential. My previous car was a 1.8T and it had chip, exhaust, cat, full suspension & bbk. However if I were to go with the Audi again, I'd keep it relatively simple. The 2.0t is a capable engine and I'd probably go with an APR chip and nothing else. The A4 comes in various trims & option packages but I'd choose a S-line sedan with 6spd manual. This in comparison to the G35x would probably cost $3k more.

I'm not as familiar with the G35x however I have driven one before and I thought it pulled fairly well. Again I have the Z for the weekend so not looking to track the car, but do want something that'd make the 70 mile commute somewhat enjoyable. I think the interior lacks compare to the A4 but the G also has its pluses, ie overall reliability, solid VQ engine, and better pricing. The G35x is only offered in automatic transmission but that might not be so bad for a daily.

Both CPO come with 6yr/100k warranty. The A4 is priced around $25k and the G35x is around $22k before any negotiating. Does anyone now how Infiniti's awd system performs compared to Quattro?

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