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Originally Posted by ben14142001 View Post
Oh, I agree completely. For the price, the CTS-V is one hell of a car, but the statement that it is the fastest sedan in the world is clearly incorrect. If you are going by value, I definitely agree that the CTS-V is a much, much, much better deal. Honestly, I don't even find the Panamera good looking and I think it is grossly overpriced, but the performance is undeniable. I mean, if someone had brought a Panamera Turbo to that shootout, I'm fairly certainly it would have won, because GM made the bold claim that it was faster than any other sedan in the world, regardless of price.

At the time GM made that statement, I don't think the Turbo was available in the US, but I might be wrong.

Edit: It looks like it went on sale sometime in October, but I'm not sure if that means they started taking orders, or there were cars available for sale at dealers. It's questionable.