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Originally Posted by Project1 View Post
I'll pay extra for a better car. IMHO, it doesn't matter how much they try, until the domestic companies start spending the cash to make things the best (which makes the car cost more) they will always be behind in the game. You get what you pay for in this world, plain and simple, end of story.
You could by this and a lightly used 911 for the cost of BMW's comparable offering (750).

As for best:

CTS-V. No other sedan will keep up, period. Don't think it get much more "best" than "fastest sports sedan made, in a straight line or around a track"
ZR-1. Nuff said
C6. Nothing will touch it at the price.
Mustang GT. The new one looks to offer performance approaching that of an M3 in all regards. Nothing will touch it at the price.
Camaro. Fastest car sub 40k.
G8. Best performing sedan in the price range.

I don't know why people still put down American cars. For the most part, they're more reliable and cheaper to operate than anything we own. This ain't the 70s.
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