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Originally Posted by M3Kernow View Post
Ummm you just posted that PencilGeek had 446 to the wheels or was that on a different dyno? ANyway thats only 34 less and you have also claimed that you have smoked cars with a claimed 50 more than you.

I think you guys should write a letter to the M-Division with your arguments for FI on stock internals on these cars and ask why they didn't do it on there GTS model......oh yeah probably not a good idea because they would laugh in your faces because they actually know what they are talking about
Dunno bout PG's car I might be right about his numbers or not we'll see when he post them. I'm pretty sure it was done on a Dynapack because thats his favorite dyno but put Niteriders car on that thing and It will be closer to 570-600whp easy depending on what boost he's running.

Ya I'm sure BMW would really invest that kinda of money to add FI to a super limited production car. You're obviously not the brigthest bulb in the box because you would know that the GT2 Porsches Fastest car currently is also FI and guess what all the New upcoming production M's are also FI so I guess they know what they are doing after all..