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Originally Posted by M3Kernow View Post
Ummm you just posted that PencilGeek had 446 to the wheels or was that on a different dyno? ANyway thats only 34 less and you have also claimed that you have smoked cars with a claimed 50 more than you.

I think you guys should write a letter to the M-Division with your arguments for FI on stock internals on these cars and ask why they didn't do it on there GTS model......oh yeah probably not a good idea because they would laugh in your faces because they actually know what they are talking about
Name a time where BMW has taken an NA M motor and added boost to it? I laugh in your face that you would actually suggest something so ridiculous and ignore M history.

But BMW M is going FI is it not?

Why is the GTS NA? Because it is based on the S65, with an increase in stroke, that they took from the M5 CSL. That is why, where is your common sense and ability to reason?

Please, please, educate yourself on dynos and don't use numbers from one and another as absolutes, there is a large difference depending on which dyno you use under what conditions.