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Originally Posted by M3Kernow View Post
So why does nightrider tune his car down for driving canyon roads etc? Down to nearly the power of a Stroker......

Because there are limits that you can push cars to, the FI puts more power down than required, unless you are driving in a straight line
Dunno of any strokers putting down 480whp on a dyno dynamics at best they'll make 400-415 on their best day with race fuel at least I hope so for their sake. Also when I had my G-power I was making 470whp on the same dyno and I canyon run all the time I never had problems putting the power down. And my car was cool as all the stock M3's. And that because I was running stock sized PS2's on a nice set of R-compounds forget about it. Anyway you slice it FI > NA anyday of the week.